An expression of Boro-Sashiko culture for tomorrow’s humankind

Sukku Collective is fashion-based company with specialization on jeans. Inspired by the stories of wabi-sabi, we bring the idea of perfection through imperfection. Imperfection is simply part being and perfection is all about embracing as we strive to naturally better ourselves. With sashiko technique from Japan, we make jeans as an expression of Boro-Sashiko culture for tomorrow’s humankind. Each jeans tells a unique story of its journey through life with patches carefully sewed on and reinforced with stitching. We bring right people together to made authentic jeans from artisans. As we believe in authenticity, we have been through village by village in order to finding artisans. The hands of artisans will took a lot of time, patience, attention, and precision to give you best Sashiko Jeans in Indonesia.